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Defend that! Трамп вчера дал интервью очередному "консервативному

Трамп вчера дал интервью очередному "консервативному радиокомментатору". Michael Savage в этот раз.

В интервью он снова поговорил о России. При всех метаниях Трампа, в вопросе России он, по-моему, сохраняет удивительное постоянство.

Я сидел вот, час, наверное, записывал текст этого интервью (часть), так как транскрипта не нашел, почитайте.

Кратко суть.
  1. Россия и США находятся на грани войны по вине Обамы и Клинтон, которые все время оскорбляют Путина.

  2. От войны США не стоит ждать ничего хорошего, потому что Россия намного впереди США "in a nuclear capacity", whatever that means.

  3. Когда Трамп выиграет выборы, он встретится с Путиным еще до начала своего президентского срока.

О том, что в происходящем есть хоть какая-то вина России, ни Трамп, ни Сэвидж не сказали ни слова. Виноваты Обама, Клинтон и партия леваков, которые чего-то вдруг захотели войны с Россией.

Я не буду спрашивать русскоязычных сторонников Трампа, бывших анти-путинцев, из бывших и нынешних россиян, как они к этому относятся, но у меня есть и комментаторы-трамписты среди бывших и нынешних жителей Украины -- ...yankel, arstmas, _glav_ и другие. Вот эти высказывания Трампа вы тоже защищать будете?

Теперь выдержки из интервью, полная аудио-запись ниже. Под катом часть о том, что Трамп выигрывает выборы, которые rigged.
SAVAGE: Donald, this was on Drudge Report for 24 hours, one of the Wikileaks releases showed an e-mail with her name on it, from Hillary Clinton at the time saying she was not going to intervene to get my name off the banned list, to Cheryl Mills. This is major leagues, Donald, but it’s so tied into what you represent. I say it is life under Trump and death under Clinton. I mean, the death of our first and second amendments for sure. Mr. Trump, you are the only thing we have left between us and pure anarchy.
TRUMP: Well, it’s going very well, I guess. Polls just came out from CNN an hour ago, and they have us up by 4 in Ohio and doing really well everywhere. And this despite the press that’s horrible, phony, they print lies; they want to put lies on all the time. And you see it better than anybody. They have stories that are fabricated, they put them on the front page, total lies that they are willing to put on the front page of newspapers, and despite …

SAVAGE: Donald, Donald, where do they get all of these tarts from? Where do these tarts come from?
TRUMP: Michael, there is a backlash, like I’ve never seen before. I just heard from Mike Pence – he says there is backlash like he’s never seen. People know it’s all phony stuff. And that’s why I say the election’s rigged; it’s rigged by the media. They are willing to put front page stories on that are lies, and the elections are rigged by the media… And by the way, they are also, if you look at the polls and the polling places in various cities, they are also rigged in the cities, let us not kid ourselves, in different places.
SAVAGE: Well, Donald, we know that. And here is the nightmare that I see. Here we are on the verge of war with Russia, because of the insane policies of Hillary Clinton, who called him Hitler, Barack Obama, who called him every name under the sun, who wants a war with him in Syria</b>. We see war drums being beaten by even the likes of Joseph Biden… You’ve said you’d like to do a deal with Putin and make peace. How is that the party of leftists wants war, Mr. Trump?
TRUMP: Well, they are incompetent people. Obama is incompetent as a president, and Hillary Clinton is beyond that. Look, they made an agreement on nuclear warheads; Russia’s now gotten so far ahead of us in a nuclear capacity that they better be careful what they wish for. In fact, one of the top people in Russia said “I can’t believe the agreement we made”, you know what I’m talking about. “I can’t believe the agreement we made, they did not even ask us for anything. They asked us not to reduce anything.” So we are way behind in so many different ways. And we have very, very incompetent people leading us. And she talks tough with Russia, she shouldn’t be talking so tough. She ought to know what she is doing. And frankly, if we got along with Russia and knocked out ISIS, that would be a good thing, not a bad thing.

SAVAGE: Correct! Mr. Trump, look at these headlines: “Russia orders all officials to fly home – any relatives living abroad, as tension mounts over the prospect of global war”, CNN: “Russia, US move past Cold War to unpredictable confrontation”, “Nuclear war imminent, as Russia tells citizens to find where the closest bunkers are”… And this low, low grade media of submoronic idiots running in the media are talking about some tart, who says you accidentally brushed against her on an airplane 20 years ago! What kind of world are we living in, Donald?
TRUMP: Which, by the way, didn’t exist, they were made up stories, totally made up. And it’s disgusting, and you are right. And now whenever there is anything to do with Russia, they say “oh, Russia loves Donald Trump, and Putin loves Donald Trump”, and they insult him constantly… I mean, no wonder he can’t stand Obama and Hillary Clinton. But it is a very serious problem. I think it’s the worst, it’s the worst situation we’ve had with Russia since the end of the Cold War by far.


SAVAGE: I know that, Donald, look, listen, how would you defuse the situation now between Russia and the US, assuming the world does not blow up before, before January? What would you do, if you are president, first day, what would you do with Putin first day to stop these, these war drums.
TRUMP: Well, the problem is we have Putin has no respect for Obama at all. Doesn’t like him and doesn’t respect him. And Obama does not like Putin, but they, they have great dislike for each other, and Putin has no respect at all for Obama. And I think that, you can, you have potentially a really catastrophic situation here, I’ll be honest with you, because those two are not… I will say this: if I win on November 8, and hopefully every one of your listeners is going to go out, we’re going to need everybody…

SAVAGE: Absolutely!
TRUMP: […] If I win on November 8, I think I could see myself meeting with Putin and meeting with Russia prior to the start of the administration, I think it would be wise.
SAVAGE: Wow! That is amazing, that is amazing news story! That’s fabulous, Mr. Trump! That’s an amazing answer! Because someone, an adult must step in now and stop this insanity. […]


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