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Вермахт в фотографиях.

1940 Denmark, Frederikshavn, Mountain Troops (Gebirgsjäger) on the German departure for Norway

1940 German cyclists bivouac for the night

1940 France, two German officers in discussion during the invasion

1940 France, Five "Unteroffizier" the Artillery Regiment 173 of the Wehrmacht at rest during the invasion

1940 France, German officers of the "1.Gebirgs-Division" with French POWs

1940, France, beginning of the invasion, German troops cross the Moselle

1940, France, the "SS-Gruppenführer", "Generalleutnant der Waffen-SS", with Paul Hausser and his staff in the background, a British POW

1940 German soldiers aboard a BMW with sidecar

1941 Soviet Union, German soldiers in a trench

1941 Ukraine, Battle of Uman, German soldiers at the shelter behind a chariot observe a village on fire

1941 Soviet Union, Kharkov, MG34 gunner crew in a hole in the city

1941 Soviet Union, Leningrad, a MG-34 gunner crew in the suburbs of the city

1941 Soviet Union, Murmansk, Camp set up by Wehrmacht on a hillside. MG-34 was put on tripod

1941 Soviet Union a "Gefreiter" German treats a wounded Russian POW

1941 Soviet Union, a group of German officers during a pose from the fighting

1941 Soviet Union, a platoon of German soldiers crossing a street at a run during the fighting

1941 Soviet Union, a Waffen-SS with its flamethrower (Flammenwerfer-35) in action

1941 Troops mountains (Gebirgsjäger) snow with their sidecar

1942 France, Aubagne, self-propelled Howitzers of the Battery 3. Gepanzertes Artillery Regiment 2 (SFL).

1943, Union Soviétique, un T-34 en feu après avoir été touché par un Panzerfaust

A Sturmgeschütz lang bringing fire support to Sturmpioniere during the battle of Stalingrad, September or October 1942.One of the soldiers, maybe the platoon leader, is talking to the StuG’s commander through his roof hatch.

1941 Soviet Union Wounded German soldiers are cared for by a nurse (Krankenschwester)

1941 Soviet Union, Panzer Des Soldaten nurses Schutzenpanzerwagen at a halt

1941 Soviet Union Wounded German soldiers in a field hospital. In the center, a Horch 901 Type 40

1940 France, Dinant, German soldiers loaded the wounded into an ambulance along the Meuse

Balkans, 2 German soldiers of the division "Hermann Goering" communicate with a Romanian soldier

1943 Russia, a Romanian officer ("Sublocotenent" Lieutenant) and a German officer studying a map

1939 Poland, German soldiers force the entrance of a house

1939 Poland and German soldiers during the invasion

1939 Poland, a German soldier launches Stielhandgranate SG-24

1939 Poland, Sochaczew, German soldiers fighting in town. Two soldiers hiding behind a BMW R12 motorcycle

Colorized photo of a German soldier with his Pistole 640(b), the Reich-manufactured Browning Hi-Power

Messerschmitt Bf109 F-4 at the airport Chuguyiv

German position in Tunisia

Panzer 38(t) of the 20th Panzer Division and Infanterie Eastern Front

Wehrmacht soldiers near a dugout during a break between fighting within the Soviet Union

Soldiers of 15. Waffen Grenadier Division der SS (Lettische Nr. 1) during their defence of Jelgava, 29 July 1944

1940 France, Sedan, the Meuse crossing of a German tank Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf. C of "1. Panzer-Division" of the "XIX. Armeekorps" from "C Heeresgruppe" "South" on a floating bridge

The "Korvettenkapitän" Wilhelm Dommes in the U-178

1940, Holland, German column in a city in ruins

Интересуетесь историей? Милости прошу!

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